• xixlinn 73w

    Nodus Tollens

    Did I find your ruins
    Or the threads of your existence
    It's a mere memory to me now
    The clot of happiness in my vein turns black as my mind fills with your melodious thoughts
    The ground has gone cold
    I sigh and relive the smallest moments shared with you
    As you hover above me, I feel your warm teardrop on my cold skin
    I feel my senses go numb
    My hands stop shaking
    My bloodshot eyes try to map your face for the last time
    As I squint to see my beloved comes a white shant of relief
    My strings are pulled
    I feel the nerves sliding out of my body
    To your heart where our golden memories lie
    I try to smile one last time
    Before I fade away in the memory of your delighted thoughts
    This affair of twisted thoughts and blank escapes are etched in my body created of your thoughts
    I never fathomed a way out
    You were my soul
    My true being
    As you step in this world
    You let go of me,
    What would I vanish into
    When I was your companion for years
    And now the boy has become a man
    You finally get of my soft caress
    For you, I was the child of your imagination
    For me, you were my whole life.