• shadowofthoughts_ 11w

    Darkness in rows.

    The fantasy branches in me are still alive,
    But these invisible walls cage me live.
    I'm a weapon less being, but do I need weapons to make you weep?

    Come and hear my echoes,
    Come visit the darkness of my shadows.
    The footsteps of mine,
    will reach towards you on time.

    I'm dead, yet alive.
    I'm unnoticed fly.
    I'll laugh and you'll cry.
    My body is no roses,
    I'll never be caged by pride of thorns.

    Touch me,
    And I'll make you bleed.
    Speak and I'll leave you speechless.
    I'll make you hear voices, no one does.
    I'll make you see the darknesses, in the light.
    I'll hold your head,
    I'll make you dead.

    Count yourself in,
    I'll be a scariest scene.
    I'll hold you in bubble of fanthom
    I'll shatter you in pieces of wisdom.

    No human is sane,
    And I'll make sure to end you in vain.

    Let the candle flicker
    And loose the brightness,
    Let the tap drip the water in madness.
    Let the clock pause.
    I'll be etched deep inside your brain.

    Close the doors, and windows,
    I'm a dead soul, ghosted ghost.
    It's just you and your toxicity.
    I'm just a poison in your heart.
    I'll whorl the hard feelings,
    I'll make sure and churn you whole.