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    Hello fellow mirakeeans,
    This poem of mine with all written rights reserved Not gonna offend anyone! If any of you feel hurt Pardon me.. please don't comment hate speeches or Foul languages o'er this!
    This was sparked when
    I read something 'bout an accused monastery Where a twenty four year old woman inmate was died due to heart attack which was happened exactly six years ago.
    Her parents took her body to their place for doing autopsy once again and shocked when they found some of the internal organs missing.therefore they filed a suit to CBI against the godman who was already accused for kidnappings and rape.
    Whoever protested from outside were the victims of not the rape but cyber bullying,a curse it was, 'cause that godman making everything for publicity in order to attain fame.
    Be aware of these cruelties occuring behind the name of religions.hope this below penned lines will make enough sense.
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    //Behind the diary she kept an envelope ;
    Behind the emotional note carries revenge//

    ' She was wholly tied up with ropes and
    Dragged in to a room of holy illumination
    Tears split down her eyes while groaning
    Customarily where none to save the admirer
    His nails of vileness scratched her virginity

    Isn't she pulled in to a pool of lust ?
    By the godman whom she quested for years !
    Thusly has not this sin be a holy crime ?
    Disguised culprit made scars and bruises
    Hold even though she nudges lusty stares
    Lifted up and start dropping her carmine tunic
    Darkness tempted demon's arms rapidly
    Repenting 'bout her greed for visible divinity
    She was squeezed under cupid's thighs
    When showed dudgeon o'er evilness

    She was trapped but says transformed enlighten
    Lightened candles around only witnessed
    How hardly the refusing soul practiced sin !
    Did they felt the beauty of a true worshiper ?
    Would they barely praised what she was forced for ?

    Coagulated blood boiling inside enslaved ribs
    Clotted emotions of naked sufferance
    Buried motion of her consiousness she recognized
    Frozen soul smelled with suffocation dealt
    Media's are sealed with what made on paper,
    Themselves called tantric sex for spirituality '

    //I lent my eyes to the hued note
    Entitled 'Undied' hence got wonderstruck//

    ' He forgot to kill me yet so a survivor ;
    I'll stand up once before him
    To never let him stand then anymore! '


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    Corpse with remaining
    Scars and bruises
    Whispering the enslaved
    Past of her soul !