• kensieluvscoffee 201w

    Simplistic as you were
    equally mystic, in my lonesome nights
    your voice was music, so hypnotic.

    Near the ocean was a place that
    was tranquil, flew the seagulls,
    and it was free of hostility
    complete with beauty.

    Roses in the meadow,
    where you run through as your
    hair flow, and you could feel
    them against your toes.

    Down the back of your waist
    was long hair, that added to your flair,
    and you smiled as you ran
    through the air.

    I've written the best world,
    for my girl, and near the page
    beside you I've drawn
    a ton of pearls.

    To think you couldn't thank me
    as I wrote these words.

    My fantasy that sadly isn't
    real in actuality,
    you're simply made of ink,
    and a dream that goes away
    when I blink.

    I have to get it together,
    honestly it's crazy,
    because I shouldn't
    love my character.

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