• smartsam 51w

    Happy Family!

    Women frankly opinion
    men should decision.
    If this goes round turn
    there might be grave problem.

    Both ought to decide
    what's gonna be right.
    Amicably they should
    solve family confliction.

    Children's should listen
    be obedient to parents.
    Father & mother both
    carefully them listen.

    Love & kindness
    is most important.
    In the family be it
    any situation!

    Love, trust, faith
    kindness & respect.
    Honest to eachother
    should be marriage mates!

    Family is haven
    love & protection.
    Mildly be resolved
    if any objection!

    Care, love, happiness
    sacrifice & hardwork.
    Love eachother, listen carefully
    every now & then gift them perks.

    Good families make good
    This in turn to nation gives
    blessings from society.

    Of humankind Family
    is most basic institution.
    Strong Families indeed
    makes strong Nation!