• inntezaar 23w

    Some stories never reach to an ending. They happen and then, they cease to exist. Incomplete but coexisting. The thing about stories as such are that they are in enormity and they can never exist alone. We become the story that we cannot complete. And often times, we find another story left mid way. Two stories holding hands to make a love poem.
    Your story with me has ended. We've started walking towards two different paths. I've seen you never look back while I stood at the crossroads, staring at you as you walk away. I'm walking too. We can't stop walking, haina? As I said ,we never exist alone. There's crowd in this world of incomplete stories. Some stories are walking behind me and my pause doesn't fit well with the traffic.
    It rained today. You know, the winter rains. Winter are your blues, monsoon is mine. Tell me, which colour do we find when blues are combined?

    Phir le aaya dil.

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    आओगे जब तुम ओ साजना
    अंगना फूल खिलेंगे
    बरसेगा सावन
    बरसेगा सावन झूम झूमके
    दो दिल ऐसे मिलेंगे
    ~ aaoge jab tum ( Jab we met)