• layered_heartpoetry 18w

    Conditional Love

    Some people pour their love into you
    They want the world to see how they loved the hapless, suicidal girl that no one else could love

    Some people lather you with affection
    They want the snapshots of their charity to go viral.

    They know it's their good deed
    They know it's their ticket to heaven
    Carrying this burden across the finish line for that massive trophy and champagne shower

    Why, they have never missed an opportunity for their acceptance speech
    And who are you? Ungrateful little worthless piece of shit that your father hated? Who are you to say otherwise?
    Who are you? Unwanted ugly brat that your mother never wanted?
    Who could actually love you?
    He is playing a role
    So shut up, stand up and clap like good girls should.
    Don't be ungrateful because he loves you.
    Even if it came with conditions.
    Ts and Cs always apply when it comes to you