• lunarwolf 50w

    A metaphoric piece of how I feel on the inside. A journey through the coils of self

    Journey of the Forgotten

    It carries its burden
    as if it was an enchanted lantern
    moving through the darkness its become fond of
    glowing from the sins it has accumulated
    neither stopping or staying
    it keeps moving through the darkness
    like a sword going through flesh slaying it
    its presence is lonely but alluring
    as its past is what its escaping
    scars of old
    still itch with a present nagging
    as it heal from the wounds of savagery done to it

    In solitary it wanders time
    as its lantern guides it by its shine
    it seeks a forgotten land
    where maybe it can rest and be forgotten
    on this perilous journey
    the shadows covers him like a warding
    every step it takes becomes apparent
    its lost in the darkness
    as its lantern faintly glows in the darkness

    No one knows its whereabouts
    as it constantly moves about
    enchanted by its sins
    itll forever try seek atonement
    so it can finally find the land of the forgotten
    to rest its paws and burdens
    for it's been a long journey through the wilderness
    yet the time hasnt came to rest yet
    so itll continue to journey through the darkness

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    Journey of the Forgotten

    My journey is an inner voyage to seek enlightenment from my past and present self