• safika 60w


    You are inside a thrilling tale.
    In which, butterflies and rats are all inside in a single stomach, flying and running without any rest.

    They were not doing it for waste .
    But for someone xxxx.

    The story was beautiful as it sounds
    But has some tragedy, I remind.

    In a long red gown.
    She was waiting for her prince charm.
    Ecstasy was all around.
    It was all set, keep calm.

    AHH, black Gallardo was anticipated for a lil while.
    They geared up it with a hugh bad luck, I cry.

    They went round and round and round.
    Ups and down, ups and down from the hills to plains all around.

    Until one moonlight, a devastating rainstorm resound.
    They crashed against a pale mound.
    Prince was all sound.
    But princess's heart was injured, don't frown.
    A broken heart, all she got.
    Doctor said, her heart won't properly respond.
    it's a matter of time, the therapist said it out.
    Everything came to an end in a flash.
    Prince went away with someone else.
    And I don't know about princess, she didn't tell me anything else.