• wasted_sparks 164w

    Is it right yet? Maybe not.

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    Dreamy eyes and sodden dreams
    Are you sure this is how
    You want to live
    The last I heard
    You were raised to be surefire
    Wild and quick
    As you took to depths
    And drowned in deep
    Trouble on your lips
    A page of distress
    And I wonder if you think
    This is how you'd live
    Keep love in your hold
    Let the storm slip
    As your fingers traced names
    On the dust that settled on your limbs
    You left wilted wildflowers in your wake
    Put tragedies to shame
    Walked on fire and called it sin
    They told you to be
    Lithe, quiet and sweet
    But you were built to be quick
    Sharp, dripping with poison as you speak
    A heart with its own will
    Magnified scars and drifting screams
    You were everything good
    In a vial of evil
    They say, you took the wrong ways
    Spoke the wrong names
    Stayed out nights
    And slept on days
    But you were never there
    To listen them say
    How they wanted you to stay
    And maybe, that saved you
    When they came with their blades
    For you could burn if they wanted
    You could drown on their will
    But you were wildfire
    With crimson wings
    And for all I know
    If there was to be an end
    You'd make it begin