• anthonyr 59w

    Spark Up That Creative Fun

    You know what, I've had an idea about an episodic series of a main character in story written form, living their daily life, whose a bubbly but loveable kind of goof ball, that can often be over the top with their reactions and manage to get themselves into the wackiest and weirdest situations.
    The character is kind of like a direct contrast to who I am in life right now
    But it was an idea which I did write one short story about and didn't finish the second, then nothing else came of the idea. The one I wrote was enjoyable and thought the one I did was fun.
    I realize it has already been a few years since then.

    I think it's time I tried resurrecting that idea I had, I'll set aside time in my days dedicated to those episodic style short stories, revolving around this main character.

    (Dunno why I'm writing about this, here. Sometimes I just write something, doesn't have any good purpose for posting it here but I do anyway, because I want to )