• shayraanshy_ 99w

    The way he starred me continously for hours was definitely making me crazy.

    The way he was holding my hand while talking to me was making me feel surreal.

    The way he was admiring my beauty while sitting infront of me was making me blush.

    The efforts he was making to talk to me on a call while he was surrounded with his family members was making me feel more special.

    The moment his face suddenly changed from happiness to sadness when i was leaving was making me feel upset.

    The way his heart was beating fast when I was around him and about to hug him was feeling me more loved.

    The way he was demanding me to keep my hairs back and then in front time and again was making me feel shy.

    The way he understood behind my saying 'Kuchh bhi nahi hai' literally stole my heart.

    The way we both entered into the world of happiness & love together by holding each other's hands was making me feel like I am in heaven.

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    A man who came in my dream last night...!!!❤