• hannaabideen 13w


    Someone came knocking
    At the small front door
    Of my little cottage 'HOPE'.
    Coming down the stairway
    Autumn keep running on my mind
    Perhaps the early arrival of autumn.

    Opening the door made from oak,
    A poor child standing outside
    Proffered a cake with figs and berries.
    I asked for his name.
    With a bright smile with chapped lips
    Plunging hands into pocket, he said 'Bruno'.

    His dark, rich in brown hair matches the season
    Smell of dampness filled our nostrils
    Seemingly nine years of age looking around
    High blue hue clouds suffuse the skies
    Isolated maple leaves away from sight
    Left no scars on the surface soil.

    'Where is your companion ?' I asked searching of.
    'I am lonely, an orphan!
    I have a right to be upset.' he whispered.
    Autumn foliage covered the lanes of Lithuania
    I bought all the cakes and gave him one
    Now better ask him the price of smile!


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