• disquiet_silhouette 156w

    A light one.. December arrives and I can already feel my grey cells freezing. ��

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    I am bad at remembering names,
    Of things, of people, of places.
    While you may call it my arrogance
    But I know, I really try.
    When I should be
    Calling out things specifically
    I mumble incoherently, racking my brain
    To remember what it never memorized.
    So, I start to describe
    People with their length and breadth
    Or simply how can they be torturous.
    I remember places with what they hold
    On platters hastily served, on crowded roads.
    And, how I remember trees and flowers!
    My roving eyes try to draw comparisons
    With color shades I've eluded from the start.
    And, since no titles remain with me,
    Feelings and tales are all I store.
    So ask me what people, things or places I like
    I'll describe to you a sight I have lived
    In years bygone.
    And such rich imagery clouds my eyes,
    That the mockery you make
    Of my memory isn't captured even a slight.