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    I'm co-authoring a research paper on how we can streamline the employability for the third gender. It has been sometime now since I have initiated this project. It's amazing how my co-authors shares the same vision and idea as much as I strongly believe in. Albeit the health of this research paper is weak since it is completely non-academic but I'm glad the wheels of this special project is finally moving.

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    The society has long accepted technology and advancements and luxuries since the inception of industrial revolution however, this same society is taking insurmountable time to accept a new system where people from all demography can coexist in a peaceful manner. We can never march forward as a progressive community if we continue to take a subjective approach and disregard the importance of respecting each other. And we can never find cure to the problem if the mindset of the people is steadfast, densely polluted with preconceived ideas regardless of how airtight framework and models we propose.