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    Self-inflicted battle scars serve as reminders. They remind us that when we battle ruthlessly against our own selves, we inflict wounds that can be difficult to heal. The healing balm of self-love can save us though, as it salvages the wreckage of our ailing heart and mind. In time, if we apply it often, self-love reduces the gaping wounds to fading scars; and those are battle scars that we can be proud of, because they show that we learned to stop fighting with ourselves, and start surviving and thriving instead. If the battle of a lifetime leads to a lesson of self-love, then we truly have won the war and proven ourselves the victor. There is no greater glory than that; so wear your scars with pride and teach the importance of self-love to one and all.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 1/9/2021

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    by Carolyn Glackin
    We are the sole survivors
    Of the wars we wage within
    But what good is a battle
    That destroys you if you win?
    Do not take up the gauntlet
    It's a far too heavy plight
    There's no glory for the victor
    When it's not a worthy fight
    Words wage wars
    Which lead to wounds
    The kind that seldom heal
    And so, in order to survive
    We forego the sword and shield
    Hold thy tongue to keep the peace
    Curtail thy self-infliction
    The love we offer to ourselves
    Shall be our benediction.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 1/9/2021