• nawikrita_t_rai 48w

    A fruit that has no juice in it
    A bud that never blooms
    A candle that is never lit
    A door that never opens out
    The sun never shines on my face and I never shine.
    I am a life where no hope exists
    I am full of 'nos' and 'nevers'
    The only 'always' in me is disappointment.
    I wish I am shortly lived as I am shortly loved
    And I say that I am sorry for existing in the periphery of many lives
    I didn't choose to be this way just like I never choose to breathe
    I don't want to be

    I am like the shadow that no one wants in pictures
    I am the room that is damp and withers
    I am the plant that only grows tall and never a fruit
    I am a bug, a fly, a muffled cry, an awaited goodbye.