• bhumikabhatia 21w

    Love ❤

    What is love?
    Is it a flower that blooms after rain...
    Or the prsn u cannot push out from ur brain.
    It is the peace in this chaos..
    With hundreds of vows.
    The promises are made for forever ...
    But r u sure they last ever?
    Time changes...people leave..
    With a wound that can never heal..
    The flower which was to bloom is now broken..
    And the peace is frozen..
    It's not only the prsn who has gone...
    Leaving u with memories never forgone..❣
    The trust and loyalty was broken from core..
    What can one ask for more..
    Sometimes situations are to be blamed...
    From which the ppl are chained.
    No I dnt regret having u in my life..
    Because that was the only time I flew high like a kite..
    I know we cannot be together,
    But I'll cherish us forever.
    I just wish best  for u in life..
    U may find me clapping for u from side.
    The flower will take years to blossom again..
    Maybe much more strength to regain..