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    Who does one think is with you FOREVER..!! Firstly just clear me out the meaning of this god damn thing. This always tends to complicate me in a method or another.
    These words weigh so damn much. It’s like “we are going to be together FOREVER” or “FOREVER and ever” (awww amazing..!!) but sometimes it's not. Some will say why not, it's a soothing word? Ok, let me tell you a short story, once my blackmailer called me and said " roll in the hay whomever you wanna say, fuck anyone but keep this in mind that I will be able to be there within the end FOREVER" in here is that this word is AMAZING? if it is then shockingly I didn't felt that and when in oppose I said very bravely "don’t you dare..!! you'll not be ready to touch me. " he said, "no problem I will be able to RAPE you and force you to be with me.". Now that I even have reported case and everyone, that shit is over now but I can not stop brooding about it. people will say "buzz off, it happens” “who the hell is he” or my favorite “we are there for you." NO, you're NOT. please don't pretend such as you are; with my experiences that I used to be getting harassed in how or other I used to be the sole one to be there with me nobody else. Obviously, some people trying to be there for you but they failed eventually because you were mentally traumatized frequently by an individual due to one among the people whom you trusted or loved once. OK OK, I do know it’s complicated. But so is our life. right?
    So hear me out people..!! if you're also affected by any kinda harassment, stalking, cyber mobbing, etc through which you are suffering you'll contact the undersign without even a second thought:-
    Let people think about what they want to or talk about because you are the one who is suffering with nightmares, anxiety, constant crying without a reason, suicidal thoughts, in short, the main reason for your severe depression; and yes you have to understand that there are no flaws in YOU.
    if you are feeling any kinda mental frustration or pressure you can contact:-
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
    The Samaritans: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)
    You are seeking help doesn't mean that you are not capable of things, doesn't mean you are weak.

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