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    ● Dawn of August, 2018 ●

    " .....and she left me "
    " Did you eat, Shahbaz? "
    " No I don't feel like "
    " Okay let me tell you a story. Odysseus lost a bunch of his friends during Trojan war. They were eaten by monsters. He along with his remaining friends on their return journey through sea didn't have anything to eat. After days of struggle they reached an island where they cooked food and got their stomach full."
    " And you know what they did next ? ", I added.
    " What? " , he asked with a childlike curiosity almost forgetting his tears.
    " They cried bitterly for their friends "
    " You are such a literature nerd. You can never say things directly. I am going to eat " , and I felt his faint smile through the cellular device.

    ● Dusk of August, 2019 ●

    " Why did you stop writing? "
    " I don't feel like writing anymore, Shahbaz "
    " What happened to the girl who wanted her stories to change the world. Everything changed just because a guy like me stopped responding. Why do you love me so much "
    " You know Kamala Das is one of my favourite poetess. At sixty five she fell in love with a Muslim guy and converted to Islam for him. She started remaining behind veil thereafter. But before death she stated that sometimes strength is about surrendering yourself to a thing you never thought you can and yet what she did , she regreted because according to her no man deserved that , not even the one she loved most "
    " Why did you go silent " , I added.
    " You haven't changed. "

    - Sakshi

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    you haven't changed.