• tokillabibliophile 111w

    Something or the Other

    I like walking
    on dusty roads,
    under dim yellow lights.
    When twilight hits the spot
    between days and nights
    I listen to long lost melodies
    and songs which remind me of things.
    Things about people.
    It's so breezy today, so beautiful.
    I can't stop thinking about people, things.
    How I wish I could.

    I like walking
    on darkened roads
    full of dry earthy leaves
    with holes in them
    in a wooly jacket that's seen better days.
    I like the cold, but hate the chill
    that runs down my spine
    every time the clockwork reverses
    on its own gears.
    I hate it.

    But I like walking
    down winding streets
    and narrow alleyways
    and find corners
    within corners
    and hide myself
    and people
    and things
    and I sit with them
    once a day, twice a day, hundreds of times
    under dim yellow lights.
    When twilight hits
    I sit with them
    and strangle them
    and nurture them
    and think of things
    and people
    and things, people, things, people, things.