• fairytales_ 8w

    Can I say?
    She is like rainy day's
    Eyes so intense,
    Dominant enough to thwart the hurricane
    Her stare so fierce
    Even the moon yearns for the privilege
    To dive deep into her playful gaze,

    Can I say?
    She is like a murky poetry
    Emerged from poet's suffering
    Written on a stray night,
    By the shivering hands
    In remembrance of fallen fate,

    Can I say?
    She is a mystic soul,
    Tricky enough to steal stubborn sage senses,
    And sell it in the ream of love
    She is the goddess of heartbreak
    No wonder she is a living miracle,

    Can I say?
    She reflects the beauty of Mt. Everest,
    Robust enough to frost the heart
    She flirts with wild wind, laughs at storm
    Fights with thunder, dance with lighting,
    She is no less than the natural disasters

    #love #wod
    11'23 am

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