• uchay_egwuatu 44w

    Show me the have-nots, the ones who have tried, the ones who breathed fire and now breath ice. The ones who go all in or go home. Point me to those who bleed love and kindness. I want the misfits, the awkward ones whose souls are tinged with madness. Show me the loners with their world weary eyes that tell stories of wasted efforts. I mean the dreamers whose heads are constantly in the clouds. Show me the ones who bathe in the colorful stream of passion, dripping creativity wherever they go. Show me the vulnerable ones, the messy ones who leave pieces of humanity on every available surface. Point me to the broken so I can shine a light on the beautiful masterpiece, that is the mosaic of their broken hearts. Show me those who self sabotage because they believe themselves undeserving.

    They are the ones, who are even more deserving of love.