• shorthijabii 69w

    The incomplete me....

    They say I'm an incomplete being.
    Because the one to complete me is not yet seen.
    Being a woman without a man to them is a like a sin.
    So I'm being tossed around with their tongue like a tin.

    Being married to a man can be a blessing.
    But those who married monsters and deceitful men has been a lesson
    For me not to rush to the bond and be a burden.

    What they have failed to realise is that I have refuse to be a lesson,
    For the ones coming after me to learn from
    Not to get In to the bond because of threatening.
    That comes from various being that has hole in their face for blabbing.

    My life was not planned by my self.
    Neither will I be able get what I want my self.
    They are blind to the fact that have surrender,
    My life for the one who has cause my heart not be bothered,

    By the noise of the market and to face what have ordered
    From my lord the merciful that gives order
    Of goodness and the opposite to descend on his slave.

    I have leave my affairs to the master of my life.
    Who has planned and perfect my life in the best manner.
    That HE will bless and complete me with the right man.
    At the appropriate time that befit my manner.

    So I worry less about my banner
    That has been raised by those without manner.
    That I'm incomplete because of the right way and manner
    That I have chose to follow and wish to die with with permission of my RUBB.