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    Dear Immature Ritika,
    I know you've always been unsatisfied by your common name because there's a Ritika in every other class. But Kudos to you and your spirit for adopting every wrong pronunciation, every slang on your name so smoothly.
    Remember when you got admitted in school, you told the principal ma'am that you're "Vaishali" (pet name) and that girl in photograph on the form is "Riktika". Yes, initially your name was "Riktika", these were the days when you were not able to write your name. Then suddenly in kindergarten your teacher suggested your parents to slightly edit your name by making it "Ritika". You finally learnt to write your name but you never wondered what it meant, what it signifies.
    According to elders, your name signified a concrete custom which is totally opposite of your imaginary and abstract desires. Somesaid it signifies the name of the wife of a hindu God again it was a contrast name for an atheist like you. Once your name was related to specify a small quantity which is again complement to your infiniteness in terms of innocence and vision.
    At different phases of life you will be classified into subsets in order to generalize you by your name but you're an agile character, free from fences of generalization.
    Ritika, irrespective of all the meanings your name was defined as, its more likely to define you, just you. Let the world generalize you by the parameters of society but make sure you customize yourself the way you want irrespective of the fact that you're not fulfilling the definition of your name.

    At the end Ritika, every morning tell yourself that *my name signifies me, just me*.

    Yours truly,
    slightly mature version.

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