• happy__me 112w


    The girl was from a Different city and hence stayed in hostel. The boy saw the new girl and remembered that she was the girl whom he admired in his primary. The girl was charming and she too recognised him at her first sight.
    They both exchanged their numbers and slowly started their chats. She felt comfortable with him and soon chats became phone calls and online chats became offline hangouts. They became very close. She used to sing with him, play with him, fight with him and his innersoul was slowly back on the track.
    He started to believe in "Being Himself" again rather than pretending to be "Himself".
    He mocked people who laughed at his changed behaviour but embraced the happiness his soul felt.

    But, He was getting attached...to something He never believed in. To something he never wished for. To something pure which resides in darkness.
    Then, there came a day. It was August 13th. And it was her birthday.