• lol___ 45w

    Nothing happened
    Just a normal day with most regular things with just a change in morning routine due to some uncalled relatives
    Yet still it feels like i went through a whole lot of today
    While all i did was laying on my bed and scrolling through YouTube, not watching any video cause everything looked so uninteresting yet scrolling it to the last , again and again Opening and closing whatsapp , refreshing my insta every second , and even there was a message or a story it didn't helped much , now i am also feelin afraid of something i dont know , i am feeling dyspneic , i am feeling tired , very tired but still not able to sleep , i have drank i guess 10 cups of coffee and i was like Just one more while making the third , i even watched a movie , but it was just to fool others around me , i am not even in a state to concentrate on a simple drama movie , that's all , my irregular repeating days of helplessness.