• gnqonqo 89w

    Broken beyond repair
    Unguarded in my own world filled with grief
    Just a single tear can make the world seem so cruel
    Cover me up & keep me secluded
    I have lost myself in the pleasures of darkness
    Being untruthful has become my specialty
    Momma won't you save me
    I can't trust my thoughts tonight

    Kill me slowly as your love is venomous
    Breathing is pointless when everything feels chaotic
    Shield and keep me under your wings
    We all need somebody who knows we're worthy
    All this fake facade renders my soul restless

    I'm not vicious just a little bit fractured
    Control me and cheat me in this game called life
    Fragility shows weakness but I can't help myself
    Submitting slowly but surely to temptation
    Why does it feel so bad yet I crave it
    I am a stranger to myself...

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #thoughts #pain #torture
    #life #reality #pod

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