• maestral 9w

    I have never visited Rome. I wish to someday.

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    An evening in Rome

    Spend some time beneath the climbing roses
    Along the sweeping piazzas
    In street cafes where the music plays
    In sweet refrains of an evening in Rome
    Take your coffee sweet with those you meet
    It's all the fashion right there in Rome

    You can spend your time among the vines
    As the sun goes down in sunny Italy
    In every plaza where dreams come true
    Strolling along the via, along the strata
    To the gentle strains of lilting violins

    Through the countryside we'll picnic there
    Toasting with vino from Montalcino
    Spending an evening in eternal Rome

    It’s such a beautiful night and moon
    In narrow streets and open piazzas
    It’s so beautiful to stroll beneath
    These open skies of Rome