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    “A man is not finished when he is defeated he is defeated when he quits.”

    The worst thing that can happen to you is not death but to lose hope while you live. Yes, sometimes life deals a deadly blow at our dreams.

    There are times every fantastic edifice you've built in your mind's eye seems to be crumbling. At such hours, it is human to get frustrated and discouraged in the game of life. Things do go wrong but wrong things can be made right.

    We all sometimes make silly mistakes and costly blunders; sometimes we trust the wrong people or take foolish decisions. We cannot change what happened yesterday but we can have a new beginning. Don't hang your boot. A single defeat is not a final defeat.

    There are two places in your life that you should never stop:
    When you fail and when you succeed; When you are up and when you are down; when you win and when you lose; when you are accepted and when you are rejected; when it is sunset and when it’s dawn.

    Defeat does not start from outside but from inside. Remember, Your belief determines the kind of world you create for yourself.

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