• ray_27 7w


    I saw you walking alone on a busy road, under the Amethyst Purple sky you looked divine with a slight frown. Few glances and your frown faded, I looked up and thanked the purple sky.
    I met you at the aisle, couldn't take my eyes off you. Under the Amber Yellow sky, you looked peaceful with your hair caressing your face. Under your comfortable gaze, my boldness brushed hands with you and you blushed. I looked up and thanked the yellow sky.
    I held you under the redbud tree, with a steady heart and sense of comfort that I never felt any sooner under the Sapphire Blue sky. The night united us as you rested your head on my chest. I looked up and thanked the blue sky.
    I held your waist in the backyard under the gloaming Saffron sky, reflecting the burning fire in us. Like I delicate doll, I savour your lips. I looked up and thanked the yellow sky.
    I caressed you and we played upon the hill under the Euphoric Pink sky, deliberating our joy as you run and I catch and hold you to me. We looked up at the sky and thanked the pink sky.
    I met you ages later, on a deserted lane under the ruby red sky, screaming the heat and passion in us. After savouring our hunger, tears escaped knowing this was it, the last eternity. We looked up and cursed the red sky.