• suhanamalik 45w

    Life can be hard sometimes. You feel like giving up on everything, and when one trigger hits, the rest comes with it. You are again back to the gloomy side of your head where one drowns, from where the storm arises and uproots everything, your past, the people who broke you, and left you in pieces. It's like you try so hard to keep everything balanced but no matter how much you try, no matter how trials you give to keep everything at a pace but in the end, it doesn't even matter. Your life feels like a dark room, a whole big dark room so you don't know how to take a step forward, and are scared that what if you might fall again or get hit with something which can vandalize you even for a longer time. They say "we must pass through the darkness to reach the light" but what if you have no clue about passing through because you are bone-tired now, so you sit there wondering about all the good times you once had and doubting those good times, that were they even yours or it was just a delusion? As your soul starves for such good times or at least the delusions if they were. In that dark room where you can't find a way, you must bring your own light as you only have yourself and it doesn't matter whether the light may be dim because at least the things are visible now and with those bone-tired steps you start walking again waiting to get out of the long dark room tunnel of your life.
    -Suhana Malik