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    Far far away
    In a fairyland
    There was a prince
    with only one hand.
    But as I was told
    his heart was of gold.
    He had a beautiful mind
    and was so humble and kind.
    The king wanted him to get married
    as part of the decreed.
    But because of his disability
    The kings of other kingdoms
    were hesitant.
    He asked his father
    not to bother.
    For if love is there
    It will find its way.

    It once happened
    That the prince was on his
    usual stroll when
    All of a sudden
    He saw a girl surrounded
    by few swordsmen.
    The girl had fear on her face
    They guys intentions were not good
    that he could trace.
    His guards were left far behind
    Without a thought
    He took out his sword and
    with them he fought.
    He had the idea that he
    may be overpowered
    but he was not a coward.
    He fought them like a brave.
    Injuring himself but the girl
    he was able to save.
    He was left in bloody mess
    and felt down unconscious.
    When he opened his eyes
    he was in his castle and
    to his surprise
    the girl he saved was there
    beside .
    She was all dressed up and
    Looking all pretty.
    She was a princess from a kingdom
    called Antriquity.
    They fell in love with each other.
    True love does not care of the
    conditions or weather.
    It just happens if it had to.
    All you need is to be true


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    In a far away land
    There was a prince
    with one hand.
    He saved a princess.
    Love was bound to happen.
    Love finds it's way
    Anytime, anyday, anyway.