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    Wildflower Poison

    Walk not into the meadow of wildflowers
    Mama told me the other day
    For it is not safe to smell the intoxication
    What is imagined to be sweet
    May take hold of your senses
    And leave you in a state of
    Amnesia. Delirium. Inebriation.

    Walk not into the meadow of wildflowers
    Papa told me just yesterday
    It will leave you wanting
    For you shall pine for the insobriety until you have a whiff
    And when you do have a satisfying whiff
    What you are, what you are to become
    All shall be lost

    Walk not into the meadow of wildflowers
    I tell myself
    Just as I skirt at the meadow’s ingress
    The colours, violet, blue and yellow
    Indigo, and amber
    I stand at the pathway entranced by the beauty
    Clenched with the anticipation
    I walk into the meadow
    Paying no heed to what Mama said
    Turning a deaf ear to what Papa said
    I walk into the meadow

    Walk not into the meadow, they said
    But oh dear me, I am already in.
    Inhale not a single breath of the wildflowers, they said
    And I lay engulfed with the scent of their poison
    As I stood amongst the lethal flowers,
    Enwrapped in their heady luxury,
    The voices in my head muted once and for all
    I felt a peace in the poison
    A paradise in a prison
    I succumbed to the beauty
    That was the Wildflower Poison

    - Saoirse x

    Edit: I cannot believe this was POD. I still do not believe it. But thank you @mirakee I appreciate it.

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