• poet_art 93w

    " What if.."

    If I tell that I love her what would change

    I'll get kicked off like a dog
    I'll get mocked
    I'll be treated like a shit again,
    I'll just be into the one hundred level of devil's torture .

    I never been coward in my all eternity,
    I have never been hesitate to say something how things are exactly. But
    The point is I am exhausted and frustrated, walking around having inside my thorn's that keeps bleeding,in my dead soul and I can't trust anyone.
    My dead heart takes a piece of oxygen, because I go far away from my haunted Alcatraz , because I see her,other people.
    I fly away without my broken wings on,
    Being heartless because life made me like this and experiences .

    What if I tell her that I love her,
    Just the way she is?
    I want be neutral with her and yes for sake,
    It's forbidden but our soiled dead heart,
    Don't choose who we fell in love.
    And that's the most crulest thing on this damned earth.