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    The writer within me just had to find your sweetness
    For my soul was craving to express poetic meekness
    Yet once I found you my linguistic voice was alive
    Giving me an orchestra of poetic beauty now to strive

    A magical world of writing flooded my empty existence
    Like an explosion of beauty in majestic persistence
    So many writers I met here all gifted all so very sweet
    Though far apart I may never see them on the street

    Mirakee is like the voice of the silent needing to speak
    I heard the poetic voices of both the strong and weak
    I joined Sept 2018 making the sweetest of new friends
    Giving countless comments on which our work depends

    Happy birthday mirakee...because of you I found ME
    Found an army of writers,found poetic freedom definitely
    Found new friends,found ways to develop my own skills
    Found out it was created in India whose culture just thrills

    Thank you to all those who made my dear heart smile
    For making my creative language remain for a long while
    Each post I read is bathed in beauty,heartfelt and true
    Making me realise you've all made my dream come true

    Mike Anthony ✍��❤2020

    @mahtobpensdown @khalidah98
    @de_inquisitive @

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    ©mikeanthony ✍❤ 2020