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    *I found my ikigai*

    i was
    baseless without a taste
    racing without a lane
    wanted to be jack of all trades
    forgetting life is a phase

    i tried
    winning every race
    getting best grades
    hoping everyday
    things will come my way

    in the course i
    made alot of mistakes
    created alot of hates
    wish i could go back to those days
    to amend my ways
    my life wasn't straight

    untill i
    just held a pen
    penning illusions
    creating emotions
    painting imaginations
    flaunting metaphors
    then i found my lost course
    now and years to come
    it will be what I'm made for


    #wod #word #miraquill #writersnetwork #ikigai

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    I found my ikigai

    I found poetry
    I found my purpose