• samanthaspeaks 50w

    Love me back...

    Baby don’t you know I’m jaded from all the things you’ve said and I just can’t keep pretending that your not over here bending me up

    It’s so frustrating for me sitting round waiting always wondering when your gonna decide to show your face
    Like I’m some kind of option
    Comon boy now, stop this
    Cuz it breaking n bringing me to my knees

    N I know I said I wasn’t praying but now you got me down here beggin
    Please give me just a little relief
    Cuz the way you keep my heart aching just ain’t right baby
    Why you got to go and this to me

    I thought we were tough built like Teflon couldn’t be touched and now we’ve dived in too deep
    N I’m over here gasping for air while you watching from the pier of my defeat

    I just can’t believe this how could I not see it well before it ever came to this place
    How do we fix something that’s broke like this
    but sometimes somethings just can’t be taken back once their said

    But at the same time I don’t want to want to have to say goodbye
    Bc deep down inside I thought we could take this in stride but now we’re both fraying at the seems every night
    N we’re both losing our minds

    Drive one another to the edge just to pulle eachother back in again its madness at its best
    N I don’t want to let go but this roads starting to close
    N Now I’ve found myself at another fork in the road
    But this time I have no clue which way to go

    I just don’t get it, why won’t you just let it go and be what it is,
    Your not in love with me or the person I am anymore but you’ll never admit that that’s it.

    So I’m left here to ponder where I where did you wonder that we can’t seem find our way back
    N I’m just trying to find my way in this hell that we’ve invented for ourselves
    Baby why won’t you just love me back