• misbah_a02 54w

    Memorable 2020

    We all understand 'the feel','the pain', this beautiful world is going through
    This pandemic of Covid has HIT all of us mentally-ill with the thoughts and emotions we have never been through
    We understand the grief and we stand to feel it ,even though we might not be going through it ..


    Can we just see a brighter side of these days?
    There were times we would want all the week days to be called Sunday,that's granted...
    We all wished to stay with family or friends locked down for weeks, and now many of us really don't see the keys to unlock it...
    In this rapid spinning life on the earth, we all somewhere wished to steal sometime from the clock to just do the spare things apart professional, we have won over the clock now
    We would think a number of times while grabbing a junk plate close to us ,but couldn't resist, and here we are winning and choosing our own options of food at home

    The darker side is always proven to fall down while brighter one shines and wins over more

    Stand together ,stay safe and let's do the best to stay positive !

    Marking down this thought in COVID-19 of 2020 !