• madhumita_bhowmick 39w

    Maybe Someday

    Maybe someday,
    Everything will make sense.
    Why the heart is tearing up?
    And the condition gets tense.

    Maybe someday,
    All will fall in place.
    The mind that feels tired,
    For the unusual life's race.

    Maybe someday,
    I will understand,
    The pile which is building up,
    Is the stage for me to Stand

    Maybe someday,
    I wouldn't hurt I guess,
    There will be reasons to smile,
    This pain will feel less.

    Maybe someday,
    Self doubt will leave.
    Nobody will control my mind,
    My heart will start to believe.

    Maybe someday,
    The day will come.
    When alone I will feel happy
    And not lonesome.