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    #forever_ friendship...

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    Even though you have thousands of friends,
    The one who makes you happy is that friend.

    They might tease you telling you a fatty fat,
    But they love you from the depth of their heart.

    They can be mean but, it won't affect you,
    Cause they have some provisions only for you.

    Be relaxed to think they are trust worthy,
    Rest of the world is always filthy.

    They can be mad at you sometime,
    But they forget it all the time.

    Conversations are a part of your daily routine,
    Cause with you they are the one who suit in.

    They are the one who argue like hell,
    But the only one to know the secrets you tell.

    Likes and dislikes does not matter a lot,
    For them you mean a lot.

    They will stay with you from stating to end,
    And you gradually believe it is that friend...