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    Beautiful chaos

    Dell, you know some destructions are like forest fires, they paralyse you slowly and seem unending while others are like storms, they break you in one go and pass away in seconds. But all destructions are painful and inevitable, chaotic and beautiful, finally destruction opens the way for a new creation and no new beginning starts easily out of nowhere.
    Life itself is chaos, change and transience, ephemeral sighs, long cries, loud laughter, acute pain, fear and courage... Who hasn't been afraid of the dark? When we are destroyed we live in it, then we go out into a new light, the flowers were mustned to bloom again, the trees abandon their leaves to survive, we all go and come in an endless cycle of destruction and creation, life and death dance incessantly, are sought in the shadows, love each other in the light
    Beautiful chaos, life seeks chaos, because only in that way can we rebuild existence, we die to be reborn, because we cannot be reborn without having been dead first, the pain is necessary to realize that we feel, feeling is necessary to realize that we are alive
    The next time a destruction catches us, let's feel it and live it, be masters of fire and be reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, when the storm comes let's guide it, own the storm and make the most beautiful fields ever bloom, the next time darkness consumes us, we be our flash of light, make the depth our home, make the surface our kingdom
    We can all make destruction a beautiful chaos, after all who has not felt totally destroyed? And who hasn't risen after the storm?
    Yes, all the destructions are painful, but they can also be beautiful