• devchathu 17w


    Walking alone on the road of life,
    Consumed by clouds that make darkness,
    Stalking bright lights owned by blue sky,
    We think we should give fly a try.
    Having all our feelings jail broke,
    We fly high like some rare white crow,
    Streaking through the arch of rainbow,
    Betting on colors to make our life glow.
    After jumping beyond fear walls,
    After bumping into the sky walls,
    We realise nothing changes.
    We realise nothing's really that different.
    We feel blunt like an aged child without flaws,
    We think we've found peace ignoring laws.
    But, shouldn't we be in a different place?
    A place where it's okay to be totally blind,
    A place where it's okay to not know the difference,
    A place where you can stare right into darkness,
    A place where you can scream that
    Life is pure madness!