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    Dear younger self, you are the stranger I know the most yet I feel like I don't.

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    Dear stranger,
    You are me.

    Don't get confused.
    Take a deep breath and slow down.
    Being frantic will only run you in circles
    and you may feel confused.
    Just try to settle down.
    You don't always need to come up with solutions.
    Trying to pin things down will only
    frustrate you and waste your time.
    So, Take it all with a grain of salt
    until you've checked out the facts.
    Just don't let the sun drown in the tides.
    You fall among the stars.
    You shine brighter than the moon.
    You're my sunflower and Lilly.
    Bloom like you're the only flower.
    Each of your petal is my shelter.
    Each of your thorn is my throne.
    You are wings to my butterfly hopes.
    Yet you are a stranger to my unknown doors.
    Just keep going.