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    ALERT it's a vain post! If you are reading im sorry to disturb your peace of mind!

    So it's December now. The year about to end. All I have achieved is nothingness, impatience, rudeness, moodiness, unproductivity and to spoil myself further.
    It feels like I am a character in a movie which has got no foundation. Void. The movie wouldn't have had changed a bit if this characters exits. I play no role in anyone's life. And maybe if I do, I am unaware of it. I am so done. Tears would roll down . What are they? Nothing but water with some sort of salt. Lifeless. Burying the face in between knees and let the salt solution be soaked by the pants . When I stand up no one would even know the tear stained part of that cloth. I am unaware of being unaware. Why people are good at things and not me? Is there anything waiting for me ahead? What is it? Why I feel so vain? How can sunshine enter the window if you keep it close? They say to shine like sun you have to burn like it. But the major difference between me and sun is that it has a reason to carry on. It has a reason to burn, to lighten the world, to keep life going on. It had a reason to come back every morning after each night. What will i come back for? Actually why am I even coming back? There is nothing. It's like being purposeless. The difference between careless and carefree is well defined. But yet so difficult it is to understand and imbibe it. They say I know the necessities but am a complete alien to the execution. Ripples in water formed when a stone is thrown in still water, the destruction of the peace and equilibrium. That is what it feels like. And I don't know how to survive.

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