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    By unknown writer

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    My True Feelings

    My feelings wants to burst out
    I cant covey it anymore,
    This awkward rush when im around you
    This tickle in my stomach when i see your face
    This flash beat in my heart when you say my name
    I have never felt this ridiculous
    I never knew this could happen, we were just friends, but now i've started to acknowledge your beauty, your angelic smile.
    Looking at your picture of my phone imagining you with me
    Im in my room remembering all what you said to me today, word for word
    Alone with my thought deliberating if you love me or not
    I walk your street every evening just to see you, even if its just a glance
    Even if i can just hear your voice one last time today i will be happy
    Because i have fallen in this deep pit called love
    I love you, and i want you more than ever before