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    "Infinity isn't a number. It is the concept of something without end ."
    Reading this row of few words again and again , both Physical and chemical changes make their terracotta home together in one corner of Universe and the frequency of natural waves that arises in my mind, starts to be similar to the frequency of cosmic rays and so the flow of my detoxed blood in narrow streets of my body reaches close to the speed of light . In finding out well defined answers of those innumerable mysteries , my body becomes an isolated system like the entire universe, and I'm left with no other change in me . But after some points I get rid of this effect.

    To grab all my answers , I construct my replica as
    - The sky with infinite length is called zero "SHUNYA" Can there be one definition of infinity and zero ? Yes, may be . Because This is the replica of my own thoughts, where me and my imagination transcend reality and give birth to some new concepts.

    - The sky isn't always blue , but from time to time it is . And sometimes, by getting entangled in the midst of sky and its blueness , I get so lost that in each bit of all blue things whatever I see, is only sky.

    -Bloodless death and autopsy of light
    My pen does some poetries on me and pages invite Sylvia to analyse them . While reading them , I have seen some wide changes in sky's hues . But sometimes , this sheet of different hues seems hueless to me . These all because some brutal stars , keep penetrating my vision like fleeting bubbles , which damage the cornea in my eyes. And so light is totally denied by universe to be in . At the endpoint While touching my cursed eyelids, it is put an end by its own malignant rays, without shedding a single drop blood.

    -No Pluto is non-existent on this replica made by me. Even many more Plutos have been born here . In every nano second , They swallow all Betelgeuses to calm their hunger.

    - And infinity becomes zero
    Even after getting stuck in all these ideologies, in the end I again approach the same point 'infinity and zero'. Where i get that, in my every single ideology, while seeking the essence of infinity I have killed every thing , whether it would be light , or a giant star.
    Yes i have zeroed everything. The zero, by which infinity is operated.


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