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    A few lessons my life taught me. Following these lessons I personally find happiness...

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    #Jealousy - One can never find happiness by making others sad.

    #Selfishness - Don't be so selfish that you lose humanity.

    #Happiness - Be the reason of other's happiness, don't be a part of it.

    #Sadness - Be a part of other's sadness, don't be a reason behind it.

    #Diversity - Try to understand that everyone is different, they may have divergent opinions which might be contrasting to yours. You should learn to respect their opinions, even if you don't agree to them.

    #Time - Never wait for the perfect time to come(it will actually never come) , just do it right now and make the very moment perfect itself.

    #Grateful - Learn to be grateful for every small things you get. Appreciate the efforts people make for you, the care they show, the sacrifices they are making for you. Don't behave like you never asked the other person to be so good to you, therefore their efforts doesn't matter.

    #Perfection - Be yourself, don't try to fit the mold people have created for you. Never waste your abilities and talents just in trying to fit other's mold of being a "perfect" person.

    #Regret - I truly believe in this one point, whatever happens is for good, one way or the other it will prove to be beneficial for you one day. So don't regret on things. (Jo ho gaya, so ho gaya)

    #Present - Forget the past, don't worry about future, just cherish every moment in the present.

    #Judgements - Don't judge anyone. You are no one to tell them whether they look good or not, whether their way of living is up to the mark or not, whether their thinking fits yours or not. Stop this shit!

    #SocialAnimals - Don't forget we humans are social animals, so try to behave like one. Forget this "I, me and myself". Think socially.

    #DownToEarth - Be down to earth. Be humble towards everyone. And also treat everyone equally.

    #SayNoToOffence - And last but not the least, don't be offensive in any sense. If you can't appreciate other's efforts then it's better to keep your mouth shut !