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    Poem on a Precipice

    Don't read my poetry standing on the ledge
    In fact don't read it at all
    It is unlikely that your head will reel on the ledge
    In a failed attempt at suicide
    But anywhere else you may succumb
    Much against your intention

    Come to me instead
    And if you sit with me
    Legs hanging from the edge of a precipice
    A cliff seven thousand feet down
    I shall whisper the secret in your ear
    And you shall be redeemed
    Unless the wind carries my words away

    What if it does?

    The touch of my lips on your ear and the soft warm breath
    Will be all that my philosophy was all about
    It was about you
    And nothing else
    But then was that not a subject
    I could have lived off

    You may now choose
    Which way you want to get off the precipice
    Either way

    The story is the same