• junkyard 6w

    Black on black

    They say if you go black you never go back;
    So you chose black on black so you can go back and forth.
    I saw your black heart and he loved your black hips.
    So you gave him your black innocence; and denied me a taste of you black lips.
    "Let's wait for a black dance before i undress my black pants",
    I agreed facing your hypnotic black face.

    Unknowingly your black heart was too dark for me to see your black lies.
    For when your black cravings colonised your black body.
    You forgot your black man and gave away our black harvest.
    Yes its our "black harvest" for i starved just for you to sow your black seed.
    I can't blame a fellow black man who found his way to a black whore.
    And yes i have your black heart but what is black woman if she is not whole.